Dr. Maria Siemionow is a Co-Founder of Cleveland Clinic Foundation. She specializes in microsurgery, hand surgery, peripheral nerve surgery, transplantation, and microcirculation research. Dr. Siemionow is also leading the way in developing new technology for minimal immunosuppression in transplantation.

Dr. Siemionow has over 250 scientific publications. She has edited two plastic surgery textbooks, one popular science book, and has contributed to 31 published book chapters.

In LIFE 4.0 Conference, Dr. Siemionow will talk about her journey investigating the effects of chimeric cells  created by fusion of donor and recipient bone marrow derived stem cells  on the immune system’s natural attack response to foreign tissues and donor organs. If the immune system leaves these chimeric cells alone, as if they were an original part of the body, then the implanted donor tissue may be spared a full-blown rejection response.