Alexandru is a Neurology MD specialized in artificial intelligence applications in Oncology. Currently, he is the owner of Artificial Intelligence Expert and OncoPredict companies. Alexandru completed his Neurology specialization and PhD in Biophysics at University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Iasi, Romania. His research project focus on Developing non-invasive omics tests for cancer diagnostic, prognostic and treatment response prediction and automation of the mathematical modeling of complex biological networks with ordinary and partial differential equations using artificial intelligence.

At the LIFE 4.0 Conference, Alexandru Floares will present insights into a non-invasive multi-cancer test with a 99% accuracy.

Early detected cancers can be cured. Non-invasive procedures are strongly preferred by patients. Molecular alterations precede the development of a tumor of a size detectable by imaging techniques. We developed the most performant (99% accuracy) non-invasive diagnostic and early detection multi-cancer test (SME Instrument grant AI-MICADIS 835911). Its performance is due to choosing informative molecular alterations (circulating miRNA) and using Artificial Intelligence. It strongly outperforms the only published similar test (USA): median accuracy 99%  vs 70%, and for breast cancer 99% vs 33%!

Join us and check out the AI-MICADIS solution compared with similar options on the market.