Harald Schmidt is Professor of Pharmacology at Maastricht University, Netherlands and leads a research program as European Research Council Advanced Investigator, a European Science Foundation COST and a EUROSTAR programme.

With a double degree in Medicine and Pharmacy Harald Schmidt has a passion for innovative drug discovery and therapy. As an ERC Advanced Investigator, Europe’s most prestigious research award, he performs high risk/high potential benefit research in areas of major medical need. His multi-national leadership experience in Academia and Industry has led to excellent scientific achievements (Hirsch-index 77) with high socio-economic impact such as patents and biotech spin-offs. His research focuses on cardiovascular and neurological disease mechanisms, target validation, drug and biomarker discovery, personalised and network medicine.

He is a reputed drug expert, successful entrepreneur, dedicated teacher and team leader. In LIFE 4.0 Conference, Professor Schmidt will talk about Precision Medicine.