Ioan Coman

Prof. Dr. Head of the Urology Department at the Municipal Clinical Hospital; Iuliu Hațieganu University of Medicine & Phamacy, Urology Department; LIFE 4.0 Mentor

Prof. Dr. Ioan Coman is Head of the Urology Department at the Municipal Clinical Hospital of Cluj Napoca, a primary urologist with super specialization in laparoscopic surgery, and urological robotics, also having competences in abdominal ultrasound. He is one of the pioneers in Robotic Surgery in Romania, starting the robotic interventions in urological pathology.

Nadim Al Hajjar

Prof. Dr. Head of Surgery Department, Regional Institute of Gastroenterology & Hepatology Cluj-Napoca;  Iuliu Hațieganu University of Medicine & Pharmacy Cluj-Napoca; LIFE 4.0 Mentor

Prof. Dr. Nadim Al Hajjar is chief of 2nd Surgery Section of the Regional Institute of Gastroenterology and Hepatology “Prof. Dr. Octavian Fodor” Cluj Napoca  since 2011 and one of the most respected surgeons in Romania with super specialization in laparoscopic surgery, hepatic surgery and liver transplantation. He is also a Professor at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Iuliu Haţieganu” Cluj-Napoca.

Răzvan Couți

MD, Urology – LIFE 4.0 Brand Ambassador

Dr. Răzvan Couți, is a young and passionate Urology Specialist physician, currently working at the Clujana Municipal Hospital. Graduated from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Cluj and in his 5th year of residency he was named Rezident of the Year. Concerned about fundamental research, minimally invasive urologic surgery and fueled by the desire to have a positive impact in the community he became a Founding Member and Vice-President of the Sergiu Duca Training and Research Center, an organization that aims to improve the surgical skills of students, resident doctors and young doctors .


Călin Popa

MD, General Surgery, PhD Student – LIFE 4.0 Brand Ambassador

Young specialist in general surgery at the Regional Institute of Gastroenterology and Hepatology Cluj-Napoca, with interests in HBP, laparoscopic and experimental surgery. Recognizing from the early start the major impact that simulation and extracurricular training has on the practical skills in the OR, he is the founder president of Sergiu Duca Training and Research Center. During his residency years he was involved in many training programs for residents and young specialists ( in vivo and ex vivo sessions). Special interests in fundamental and experimental research, currently active member in a research project of medical innovation in liver surgery, through implementation of a robotic model in minimally invasive liver tumor treatment. Enthusiastic in multidisciplinary research (human, veterinary and medical technology) with great vision about future medicine, excellent team member and organizer, he shares his work and research results on training in numerous national and international conferences.



Ion Gheorghe Petrovai

LIFE 4.0 Healthcare Innovation Catalyst

Doctor, marketer, consultant, lecturer and community leader, he believes that healthcare innovation is being built by people, through projects and partnerships. Since 2016 he is the Co-founder and Project Manager at Freshblood, The Romanian HealthTech Community, an initiative that brings together innovators in healthcare whatever their background. Actively looking for developing the people that want to positively impact and change the healthcare ecosystem.

Philip Choban

LIFE 4.0 Mentor

Philip leads Telios in all phases and aspects of planning; from strategic, financial, implementation and marketing. Philip brings with him a diversified background from Investment Banking, Mortgage Banking, Syndication, Private Placement, Manufacturing and Trade. He has been involved in a number of successful start-ups and exits and has resided in Hong Kong, Indonesia, India and Romania.
Among many other things, Philip is also the Ambassador in Romania for the Purple Angel Dementia Education Movement out of the United Kingdom. He continues to be heavily involved in education for Alzheimer’s disease with a specific focus on care-giving for Alzheimer’s patients. He is working in conjunction with HealthCare Interactive in the United States to develop a Romanian version of its training curriculum and is a Certified Dementia CARES Specialist.

Ilinca Hanga

LIFE 4.0 Project Manager

Certified Programme and Project Manager, or simply put, Planning Maniac. I spent the last 12 years in the corporate environment, working for companies like Genpact, Emerson or Betfair, planning projects, managing budgets, assessing and mitigating project risks, coordinating teams and delivering value. I believe that a great project manager should always keep in mind the three most important KPI’s of any project: deliver full scope within timelines and within budget, but in the same time stay human and connected to the team and stakeholders that he/she is coordinating. The corporate world has helped me build the “professional” me and taught me to speak corporate, to understand what companies search for in terms of partnerships and collaborations. When I am not planning anything, I play tennis, do jogging, read, and play my guitar for friends.

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Cătălina Mureșan

LIFE 4.0 Product Manager

Over the last 10 years, I’ve built my career on one simple principle: Work smarter. I’m the person who looks for inefficient procedures, finds ways to streamline them, and consistently strives to boost the productivity of everyone around me. From all my professional opportunities until now, I have cultivated the capacity to learn and apply new information quickly and accurately, an ability to effectively manage my time through careful planning and organization of work activities; and an aptitude for identifying and resolving problems efficiently, through excellent communication and conflict resolution skills that result in positive interpersonal relationships. In my spare time I love riding my bicycle, getting involved in voluntary mentoring, coaching in different startups, skydiving and I’ve recently started playing squash and fell in love with this sport.

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